Summary of Washington Butterflies - updated Sep 2023

Summary of Washington Butterflies - updated Sep 2023

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Free PDF file download of the Summary of Washington Butterflies.

Last updated September 2023

Authored by: David W. Droppers, David G. James, Caitlin C. LaBar (Ed.), Ben R. Mous, Dave Nunnallee, Jonathan P. Pelham (Ed.), Merrill A. Peterson, Robert M. Pyle

File includes:

  • detailed list of all species and their subspecies and larval food plants
  • tabular county checklist of all species and subspecies
  • foodplants of Washington butterflies (sorted by plant family/genus/species) and a list of butterflies using them
  • reference list of colloquial names (eg. Callophrys affinis – Western Green Elfin, Western Green Hairstreak, Immaculate Green Hairstreak)

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