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butterflies pocket guide Washington

The Pocket Guide to the Butterflies of Washington (2017) covers all 155 butterfly species recorded in Washington State. At 5.5 x 8.5 inches and only 4 ounces, it is perfect to throw in a pack and take on a hike! The spiral binding allows you to easily view the pages with one hand while holding a butterfly or camera in the other hand for identification. This guide is a quick-reference format, containing photos of specimens for easy comparison with each other, along with short tips on identification. The intention is not to replace or compete with other guides, but rather to provide a lightweight guide for field use, then to come home to detailed guide books or heavy-duty reference books. I hope to eventually produce similar pocket guides for other northwest states. Some might think all these guides would compete with each other but I have found that they fill different niches: different people prefer different types of guides or reference books, not to mention the butterfly-lovers, like myself, often purchase several butterfly guides to use for different purposes!

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