Butterflies of the Sinlahekin

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It's finally here! After around seven years of developing the idea, writing the book, photographing specimens and experimenting with layouts, the Butterflies of the Sinlahekin Wildlife Area is available for purchase!

The Stats:

  • 14,314 acre Sinlahekin Wildlife Area (SWA) in far north-central Washington State.
  • The SWA is the first state wildlife area established (1939) in Washington.
  • 14 years of butterfly records (2003-2017).
  • 124 butterfly species covered (92 in or near SWA + 32 elsewhere in Okanogan County); this is 80% of the total species (~155) recorded in Washington.
  • 86 confirmed butterfly species on the SWA.
  • 1 likely but unconfirmed species (Canadian Tiger Swallowtail).
  • 5 species found less than two miles from the SWA boundary.
  • One of very few books that uses real butterfly photos instead of sketches to illustrate anatomy and wing regions.
  • One of few, if any, books to illustrate many less-than-perfect specimens, which grants the user a more realistic idea of what they might see.
  • Possibly the first book to illustrate more than four specimen photos for most species.
  • 6 reference maps and 92 species record maps.
  • 1163 photos depicting 691 specimens.
  • 230 photos of living adults.
  • 140 photos of immature stages.
  • 145 habitat and other miscellaneous photos.
  • 296 pages and 3 pounds—this is a reference book, not a pocket guide!
  • $55.50 purchase price
Thanks so much for your support! I have been overwhelmed by the response to this book even three years ago when I first started showing drafts to people. It is humbling and exciting to look back over the past few years and see how much this book has affected the course of my "professional hobby," which has now turned into a side business thanks to you!

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